Under Doctor’s Orders: The Grapes of John Lithgow

The Palladian Traveler

Under Doctor's Orders: My Cup Runneth Over

After days of soaking in H2O, via my two-a-day thermal baths at the Grand Hotel Terme (GHT) in Terme di Comano, I toweled off and joined a small group of my fellow “patients” and hotel staff and went in search of another liquid that can also do the body good: prized grape found along the Strada del Vino (Wine Road) in the Trentino side of the Trentino Alto Adige region of northern Italy.

Destination? A VIP tour of Azienda Agricola Fratelli Pisoni in Valle dei Laghe.

Under Doctor's Orders: My Cup Runneth OverThis visit to the estate, which lies between Lake Garda and the Brenta Dolomites, and the degustazione (tasting) that followed, was organized by GHT, but expertly conducted by co-owner Marco Pisoni.

Signore Pisoni, who has a striking resemblance to American film, TV and theatre actor John Lithgow, is an expert in viticulture and enology who readily poured forth his knowledge of the family business and…

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