Pathuk hill, Seeing the beauty of Jogja Altitude – jogja rumah online

Jogja sights in the night from a height of 150 meters is incredibly fascinating. From Bukit Pathuk twinkling city lights in the distance makes such a lively and moving. City lights with different colors and sizes adds to the beauty of Yogyakarta at night.

The view is that never make people bored to see it though have repeatedly come to this place. Bukit Pathuk mermang ideal position to see the height of Yogyakarta. People can enjoy these sights right from the edge of the highway that connects the Wonosari Jogja. Usually the riders stopped for a moment to see the sights while unwind.

If you want a more relaxing, you can stop at the Hotel Bukit Indah, the hotel has direct views of the city of Yogyakarta. Hotels are located at an altitude of these hills have rooms with beautiful pemamdangan. When you just want to relax for a moment, you can stay in this hotel restaurant. Of course with pamandangan Jogja from a height. You can choose the restaurant or in the open garden located in the open air.

Enjoy this beautiful pamandangan began in the late afternoon while waiting for the sunset in the distance. Of course this view is also no less beautiful. This location is often used by photographers to capture this exciting moment. Yogyakarta city tourism Bukit Pathuk lucky enough to have this. This place became an alternative destination for tourists to enjoy Yogyakarta in a different way.


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